Beol and Ambrose dancing in the water ^_^

Why BeolSpace?

I am a person who has 0 experience with coding pages, this is the first time I do it and I was struck by the lot of things that can be done, the development is fun and as a person who draws I was looking for a place to put my most personal things while being able to show my content in a more entertaining way.

Who's Beol?

Beol is an OC I created in July 2020, he is a 17 year old boy with a normal life, a bit boring. He doesn't have an story by himself, but he has a classmate who by several extraordinary events has the ability to read his thoughts, which are not so boring (or that’s the idea lol)


That is, indeed, the name of his classmate.


"He seems so cool!"


New dream uptade.

New Beol and Ambrose pic.

Added Log and Dream Log.

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Finished the Main, there's still a lot of things I want to put in here.

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